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Come on in and experience this magical place...

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Welcome to a place where I can share with you my beautiful stories, as I have vacationed for over 55+ years in this off-grid, only seasonal existence, in a tiny, old cabin. The property is water-access only, with the one-room cabin nestled amongst a forest of lush trees, on a beautiful little, fresh-water lake, in a scenic coastal region of Western Canada. 

In these pages, I am offering you a real-life accounting of what it’s like to live part-time in the warmer, BC coastal summers, on a private, remote, fresh-water lake, with a truly simple and basic way of living. 


I first arrived here when I was 8 years old, with my parents and one younger male sibling, and now I’m in my mid 60’s, and on my own. In my family we have now been three blessed generations, grateful humans to have been part of this land, on this lake, for all these years.

Life seems almost frozen in time here, with my cabin almost the same, still an original one-room, no insulation, 576 square foot, era-1960 structure in the woods, still perched right over the fresh and clear lake waters, amongst the lushness of my forest surrounded with an abundance of natural wildlife.

Occasionally, during these pages, I will pop off and journey with you mentioning other lakes, but my home and my heart has always been at this beautiful little lake. Come sit with me, and enjoy time with me, as I share tidbits of my beautiful life here, and sometimes, beyond, with you. Be caught up in the magic and richness of my place, as I welcome you in. 

Lady of the Lake BC

About me

I have chosen to write as the Lady of the Lake BC and not refer to myself or my family by name. I would like to keep the privacy of my family, friends and neighbours a tad more private this way. I may also not mention the name of my lake because all of us residing here, wish to keep our little gem of a lake as quiet as possible. However, at the time of this digital sharing, I am, at last, putting my property up for sale, and so you can contact me here and I will connect you to my realtor so you may buy from me this beautiful piece of paradise. I always like to say:


“Where the sky meets the water, you can find paradise…”


Welcome to my decades-old romance with a magical lake forest paradise. This is truly a place where I feel in my heart, (and have often stated), 


“This is a not just I place I know, but a place who knows me”. 


This remote property, this gem in the forest that I have been blessed to be in for most of my life, is truly magical. I invite you in, welcome you read on these pages my beautiful memories of this place, and to share with you insights into some of my beautiful experiences…


Lady of the Lake BC

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