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A Profound Effect

"I can’t remember a summer’s day where I don’t think about being at the lake. In my mind I am always thinking about when that next trip will be, what I will need to pack to go and who will be there of my neighbours when I arrive. It is incredibly bizarre to not be heading to the cabin..."

It is such a mixed bag of emotions, heartfelt gratitude, joyful memories, crazy fun times, and a new one, a huge sense of loss. Now I will have to be honest, as I have aged, there is certain amount of relief, too, because I don't have to be planning, packing, piling up to be ready, making lists and purchasing things that I will need to go to up to the lake on my next trip. Let’s face it, an off-grid, no power, one-room cabin on the edge of a forest, perched over the water, and pretty much remote, is absolutely paradise…but harder to manage as an aging human. It’s a fact of life.

When my kids got on with their busy lives and decided they didn’t want to own and manage our little piece of paradise, I had to make a hard decision. It was probably up there as one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make, but here we are…

Now, on a sunny day I think about my beautiful lake spot. When I hear the sound of a distant crow, or a Stellar’s Jay, I think of my lake. When I close my eyes and hear the wind in the trees in the orchard nearby, I can remember the sounds of the wind in the forest trees, and I am transported to my lake in my mind.

I had the most beautiful times there, first growing up with my parents, my childhood and teens, and then with my kids as they grew up, and so I can be completely and fully grateful for all that I had.

I am still in touch with my lake friends from time to time, both those that are still there, and those that have sold and moved on like me. We had a lifetime of visits and friendship and it remains like that in our hearts today.

I am happy you indulge me and let me still write about my lake for you, even though I am not there physically, for I will always be there in my heart. I am joined with that place, I am part of that place, that place in still in my body, mind and spirit, and always will be…

Have a wonderful day…

ladyofthelakebc (always)

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