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More Rock Art, This Time it's Decoupage

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

‘This is such a wonderful way to welcome all who come to my cabin…’

LIVE LOVE LAKE Decoupage rock project.

This week’s rock project is a decoupage project. I am going to apply an image to a rock. This is a fast and easy way to decorate a rock, or several types of surfaces. I saw a Title Heading in a cottage magazine that said in bold red letters, ‘LIVE LOVE LAKE’, and so I cut those words out, found a nice, rather large granite-like rock, and decoupaged the cutout words onto it with Podge white glue. Now this new rock sits on my deck in a welcoming gesture. I think that when I sell my cabin, I will let that go with it. It seems just fitting and right to do that.  I have a couple of other decoupaged rocks here, one with a fish, and a couple with polar bears, an animal that my youngest son admired when he was in his ‘polar bear’ stage. During that time, his entire bedroom at home was polar bear themed.

Decoupaged polar bear rocks.
Another decoupaged polar bear rock my son loved.

Decoupaging is so easy, especially if you want to decorate a rock, and do not consider yourself a good painter. Any picture from a magazine or, even a photo, can be good to use. I decoupaged two Memorial rocks for my mother and my pup here as they have both passed. These rock tributes sit under a tree in the back bay area forest. The one of my mother is a favourite of mine, taken one Mother's Day. She had a such a beautiful heartwarming smile on her face when I took that picture. My dog’s photo that I used for a decoupage project was a fitting image. My puppy daughter was standing proudly on the sling of our catamaran sailboat, ready to go out sailing with us, wearing her little lifejacket and letting the wind blow back her ears and hair, she looked rather cute, and clearly in her sailing bliss. I am considering leaving these two special in the forest where they sit, after I leave this place because I believe that is where they belong. We shall see.

Every well-stocked cabin craft cupboard should be equipped with white glue of some sort for a multitude of arts and crafts projects. Paint brushes, both bristle and foam, should also be around for crafting.

Note that Decoupaging on a rock or other surface is much easier than painting a rock. Have fun in whatever lake cottage craft project you choose.

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