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Another Special Lake

'As I sit 8 feet from a calm lake water’s edge, and sip my very hot, just poured morning coffee, I feel the heat of the day warming rapidly.'

My special lake campsite view here on this Interior Lake...spectacular!

As I sit 8 feet from a calm lake water’s edge, and sip my very hot, just poured morning coffee, I feel the heat of the day warming rapidly. Considering it is October 1st today, it’s rather amazing and delightful to be able to sit outside and be warm enough, here in Canada, to enjoy a day like this out camping in my little RV. I may be a tad overdressed, with my sweatshirt, pants, and boots on, but it was chilly until the sun rose over the hill in front of me, and in the van when I awoke, so I just grabbed my warmer attire that I wore sitting around the campfire last night. My Tilly hat is a necessity this morning as I sit here in the bright morning sun. When I woke up the blazing yellow-orange ball of sun rose over the hill and reflected back into the calm early morning waters of the lake. It was a delightful view to wake up to. Naturally, I took a few shots, including one from my cozy bed as I looked out my van window.

The rising sun.


From my cozy little RV bed I can appreciate the sunrise!

The view to anywhere from this little campsite is magnificent, and the hills, waters and sky all paint a rather beautiful masterpiece. Mother Nature is at her finest this morning, and I am grateful. Naturally, I have taken a dozen pictures already today, don’t want to miss a tiny bit of so many beautiful life moments.  I smile as I sip my coffee from my new tall, steal coffee cup. It is one where I designed the art, drew it DIV ally and have items with the art on it for sale on REDBUBBLE. My ladyofthelakebc shop has so many great items. I’m actually wearing my thick, navy hoodie, which also has the same art on it. Both the cup and shirt say, AT THE LAKE, WHERE MARSHMALLOWS AND FRIENDS GET TOASTED. I’ve had several complements on this design! (Check out my Lake Merch page if these items tweak your interest, thank you!)

Some of my Lake Merchandise. My coffee cups are great!

I’m here for two days. Although I am settled into this lovely end spot, where no one is camped on one side, being at the end of the entire campsite area, I have to move over one, by noon today, because the office had pre-booked this spot. Though I am nicely settled in I should mention that with a small and easy Class B RV, one that isn’t even hooked up to power to anything, it’s really not a big deal to shift over a spot, move the mat, a few chairs, a side table, the picnic table cloth and lanterns, the BBQ, pull the van forward, reposition and level, easy-peasy. Dinner was fabulous last night, with small juicy steaks, foiled potatoes, onions and butter, and a mixed veggie foil pack with an assortment of delicious and colourful veggies in it. Pre-dins we had a few cocktails, one vodka cooler, a premixed margarita, then some lovely, chilled white wine with dinner, fabulous! As the steaks were cooking I took a picture of the lovely table, all set, perched lakeside, dinner almost ready. Dusk views and a tasty BBQ'd dinner...wonderful!

The steaks are on! What a great camping spot to enjoy dinner!

Down the lake the evening house lights are on!

Our evening view, fabulous!

Then we spent a lovely time staying warm around a healthy campfire. It had been a tad chilly for the last day of September, even as the day itself was unseasonably warm. I was grateful for the evening’s lively, crackling, hot fire. The strange thing about Fall camping is that you lose your light so early. By 7:30pm it was long into the darkness and it felt like 10:30 at night. When the full moon came up it was a breathtaking view across the dark waters of the lake. Naturally, I took so many pictures. It seems I just can’t let so many moments go by without being captured. I love my phone’s camera with the night photo capabilities.

The moon is rising as the campfire sparks into the night sky!


There the moon sits as the brightest light of all.

Such a peaceful night view by the crackling fire.

In the licking flames of the fire there were some very strange green ghostlike images. One might say it is the light as it bounces with the camera’s night vision properties, but I think I’d like to think it is a spookier explanation. The long-time owner of this property passed away this summer, and I wonder if he has popped by to say ‘Hello’ and enjoy the campfire on a property that he owned for decades. Who knows, take a look at these pictures and make up your own conclusion. After all, when camping, isn’t it the usual thing to do, tell ghost stories? Boo! 

Green, ghostlike images are in my photos!

Is it lights? Or is it a great campfire ghostly mystery?

Even the zoom in closeup looks ghostly! BOO!

I had a friend visiting and camping with me this trip, and it was all we could do to stay up to 9:30pm. I NEVER go to bed that early. However, the campground was getting quiet, and the night air was fast getting chilly. Our firewood was pretty much gone now, so it was surely time to snuggle into the cozy covers inside my van. Unfortunately, it was a very restless night because it was too long a sleep for me, and with the bed feeling like a harder surface this year for my aging body, I was grateful when 7am came along and we decided to get up and greet the day.  Sipping a nice, hot coffee, while sitting outside in the fresh morning air and sunshine is the best way to start your day. With a warming sun, and the chirping of birds and quacking of ducks, it’s a great way to start your day out in the world.  It was a beautiful day, although not as sunny as yesterday, and there was another batch of smoke rolling in from the neighbouring country across the border. It seems so surreal to be having so many episodes of smoky, dull days when the forest fires are hundreds of miles away and in another country. Oh well, at least it isn’t too bad today. 

A smokier day.

I enjoyed a few brief chats with other campers, and it is always a pleasure to meet some incredible people as I camp. I also noticed several vehicles quite like mine, the snappy Class B camper vans that I like to refer to as the ‘sports cars’ of the motor home vehicle world.  My friend and I sat and appreciated the beautiful views and area, and took a few walks, one of which was on the KVR trail that runs through this lake shore property. It was a lovely view looking back at the lake property and campground. It also brought many childhood memories back for the times I came here as a child long before the campground was added to the property. 

Lovely views along the KVR Trail.

There are high sandy, brush covered cliffs on one side of the trail, and the lake on the other.

The campsite from the KVR Trail.

The fabulous campsite tucked along the shores of this lake.

At our campsite, as we sat and enjoyed the peaceful lake views as the begging ducks popped by. They were obviously used to the odd camper feeding them scraps, though the website kindly asks us NOT to feed them. In any event, we enjoyed their antics as they quacked loudly and begged us for food, even as they came up onto the beach at our feet and looked us in the eye. 

The ducks were noisy and hopeful.

This little duck was begging with his quacks and a few sympathy stare downs.

Our second evening was as lovely around the campfire as the first, and it was another round of a few bevies and a healthy crackling fire. The night sky that night had some interesting cloud formations around the full moon. At one point to me it looked as if the clouds formed two very large angel wings. Take a look and see what you think.

Sipping a cold glass of wine before dins.

The spectacular cloud formation appeared to me to look like a giant set of feathered angel wings.

Such a interesting cloud show! Wow!

In its colourful rings, the moon looked like a heart here.

As I sat enjoying the evening and watching the full moon again, I can feel that feeling of gratitude for being here this night. I know it is not my beautiful little lake that I have enjoyed my whole life that was my family’s, but it is a place where my family came every summer for years with other close families, and I am very fond of this place, too.  On the last morning, I knew I had to pack up and go, but not before I got to have my hot brew at the lake’s edge in the rising heat of a bright sunny day. I also snapped a couple more lovely shots of the view. As a woman who loves her lake views, this is a great one today, and I truly feel very blessed.

Our sunny last morning...sigh...I did not want to go...

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