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Morning Meditation Outside

‘I feel it now, eyes closed, face upwards. Yes, I feel it now, that bright warmth of the early morning sun as it weaves its way over the lake forest trees from the East.’ 

As the sun rises I quietly do my morning meditation.

‘I have been sitting here on the little point of land near my cabin now for several minutes, patiently waiting, as I sit quietly in a little deck chair I have carried here from the dock. Finally, I am being rewarded with the feel of a sudden burst of bright warmth, as the sun breaks free of those tall trees at the top of the cliff. Instantly, the bright sun illuminates me, warms my face, bringing an almost sparkling essence to my closed eyelids, which I dare not open with my face raised to greet the wildly bright rays.  I take a deep breath, position my hands on my knees, thumb and first two fingers touching as I place my hands facing upwards. As the warmth of the sun starts to trickle down and radiate over my body, I start my meditation with a grateful prayer of thanks for this beautiful moment. I take several full breaths in and out, and then steady my breathing as my lungs are now filled with the sweet and fresh scents gifted to me from Mother Nature in this bountiful place. I gently pull my focus away from the soothing, tiny water sounds of the lake, accompanied by the chirping of birds and soft hum of bees around me. As I breathe in and out, in and out, I revitalize my physical body with fresh, clean air, and I am attempting to quiet my busy mind, and fill up my spirit with love and connection to Mother Earth.’ There is nowhere else in this world I would rather be, and to me, this is no other place in the world that can join with me, calm my soul, heal my body and capture my spirit. I am home. Every day it is this ritual to wait for the morning sun to climb over the trees and brighten my land. First it hits my jutted out point of land, then my cabin, and lastly, my docks. When it hits my second dock, it is time for my morning swim. The perfect day is when the sun has hit the dock, and the breezes have not yet come for the day so I may swim in the bright sunny warmth across the glassy-smooth, peaceful lake waters.  This week I have started a new meditation ritual here, and though I always find time here throughout the day that involve just sitting, as I watch, listen, smell and appreciate those little precious moments at my day, I wanted to expand my practice of quiet time. This trip I have decided to add a little a structured meditation time, to enrich the random, haphazard mindful moments of reflection here. This visit I am committing to do a morning meditation as the sun illuminates my property to enrich my experience of each new day.  I have been particularly stressed lately at home in the city, for a variety of reasons that I really don’t need to discuss further here, but, let’s just say I have been somewhat wound up, and my sleeping has been a tad restless. A daily mediation is a perfect practice for me to start at this unsettling time in my life, and so I commit to doing this for a few days at least, and see how it goes.  I am the first to admit that my mind can get very ‘busy’, and it doesn’t not quiet easily. With all that is ‘on my plate’ at home, of late, it really doesn’t surprise me that my physical and mental states are saying, ‘go to the lake, relax, be ‘one with nature’, rest, recoup, you need it.’ Over the years I have read a lot on meditation, so I am no stranger to the process, but because I have a busy mind, it takes a bit of practice to quiet all that goes on up there in my head. I will admit that being a writer, with having words constantly available, and coming at me from all angles, including from out there in the Universe, knocking to get in, I find the process of quieting my mind a tough exercise. I might mention, though, I am so much better than my mother ever was, bless her soul. My beautiful mother would get so wound up with things that I thought once it might be a good idea to teach her meditation. I sat her down, and in my most soothing, mellow voice I told her to close her eyes, and quietly just focus on her breath, in and out, in and out, just to sit there and feel quiet and calm, and smoothly said the word, ‘ohm’. After about one minute, she piped up, without even opening her eyes, “how long is this going to take?” Ah, my dear mother, always her mind was one step ahead of what she was doing, she had no idea of being mindful and living in the moment. Bless her heart, I would give anything to have her make me giggle with her bright personality again, she has left this world 10 years ago now. I miss you, Mom.  I sit here breathing in and out, letting all my thoughts just float away, I imagine I am letting them drift off like they have left my body and landed on the lake waters, where the warm, beautiful, little breezes here they will give them a little push, and off they will go, away and away until they are all gone. I notice I am now feeling calmer, more relaxed, slightly warm and fully free. I am one with my beautiful lake, and part of the energy and essence of all of life here, and I am truly grateful for this beautiful moment... Within a few days of going out onto the point, waiting for the sun, and then meditating, I noticed a new calm and peace settle into my soul, and every night as I went to sleep, I slept the whole night through. I woke up rested to greet each new day. This forest and lake world is magical, and when I join with nature’s energy and essence I feel balanced and renewed from all the hustle and bustle of city living. Time spent here is truly a blessing. Why not take yourself out into nature and take some special time for yourself? May I suggest for you the time to meditate and reap the benefits of a peaceful calm nature boost for your soul?

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