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Photo Reflections, Mirrored Moments

Updated: May 21, 2020

‘I see before me a beautifully peaceful sight, and how lucky am I, I get to see it twice.’

A mirrored selection of my ramp to the point in the morning sun.

The morning sun is arriving.

Two 'hoots' instead of one, a mirrored view.

As I have been writing these series of pieces on my experiences of my part-time lake summer cabin, I have mostly been writing about the beautiful thoughts, memories and reflections of my life here. This piece is literally referring to the stunning visual mirrored reflections I find in the quiet moments in cabin life, in the breathless moments of no wind. Mostly, it is during the bright and early mornings, when the wind has not yet made her way out to brush the waters of the lake, and surrounding lands. Sometimes it is the moments of mirrored reflections captured of nature, like the trees as they reflect back into the still waters. Sometimes it is the floating breakwater logs I see with a duplicated and reversed reflection in the still waters, or I might capture a photo of the lush, treed shoreline brightening into the new day in multi shades of illuminated greens along the quiet water’s edge. The spectacular photos I have been blessed to capture in these still moments in time have been in my private stash of photos, but now I am delighted to be able share a few with you.   In the early morning hours at the lake, it is delightfully quiet and peaceful. As each new day dawns, the only sounds are tiny birds singing their greetings to the day, the little chipmonk nearby, and several jumping fish in the lake, (accompanied by the sounds of tiny splashes and the visual delights in the resulting rings the little fish produce, of course). In those quiet morning hours there is no lapping of waves, or breezes in the trees, just a calm and serene sense of total peace amongst nature to the start of each brand-new day here. 

I wake up to this peaceful view every morning.

I delight in this quiet, almost meditative time, to reflect, to write, to thoroughly be grateful for the morning appreciation rituals I take time for before the rest of the world wakes up. Soon it will be the sounds of the gentle daily breezes in the trees and the awakening of human activity and noise, as out in lake the boaters and skiers take advantage vying for the calmer waters in their search for being the first to enjoy the perfect, smooth and untouched glassy lake surfaces As we have no real amenities here, (at least in my world), my cabin being an off-grid and rather primitive structure, when I awake and nature calls me, outside I must go for a walk to the outhouse. On this day, as I have many times over the years, I take my camera with me. 

Hanging around waiting to be charged.

My little turtle has come out to greet the morning sun.

A perfectly mirrored shoreline.

I have snapped so many photos this morning, photos of perfect reflections of trees, or rocks, at the water’s edge, for instance. I have captured my boat as it sits at the dock, reflecting like a mirror back onto the calm waters on which she floats. I am able to appreciate and capture her incredibly perfect mirrored image from the second dock. Such delightful lake reflections I am blessed to find in the early morning hours of almost every waking day here. The view up the lake reflects the outlining lay of the land, mirroring the shapes including the lush green trees. My surrounding dock and bay areas are reflecting perfectly in the calm waters all around my property. Also, the sun is now rising over the hill behind my cabin and so the farther land to my right, across my bay, is not only reflecting the mirrored images of the beauty of the land and forest, but the greens are bright and glowing in the warming summer sunshine.

The adjacent bay is all lush and bathed in green as it meets the morning sun.

Would this now be 180 HSP?

Tranquility at its finest.

Back now inside I am in my warm little bed snuggled halfway under the covers, as I sit enjoying my first morning mug of coffee. My photography time has given me such pleasure and now I am back into my daily morning writing time. I feel totally blessed to have captured those few moments and images of the perfectly mirrored lake reflections in my glorious forest and lake environment, and now I can write and share my joy with you through my words here and later, by adding my photos for you to appreciate and enjoy!

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