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Swimming in the Rain, Camera in Hand

‘I feel the warm water envelop me as the rain trickles down over my head and face. It sounds like a million tiny bells are ringing as I watch the raindrops bounce and dance upon the surface of the lake.’

Dancing droplets of rain.

A unique surface view up the lake.

City people may not know what an incredible experience it is to swim in the rain. Lake folk like me, love it. Today, I grabbed my waterproof camera and headed to the dock. As my friend inquired where I am going in the pounding down rain, I explained that I was going to take a dip in the lake. There is nothing more inviting than communing with Mother Nature’s liquid sunshine, and going swimming in the rain. Firstly, the water always seems warmer when it is raining outside, so it is a great time to swim. Secondly, the sounds of rain on the lake waters are delightful, it sounds like tiny bells, a melodic orchestra of light tinkling sounds.  Today, I am delighted to go down to the dock, become one with my lake world, and take photographs of my environment from the water level in the pounding down, warm summer rain. I can’t wait!  As I leave my towel up on the deck, (there is no use leaving a dry towel down on the dock in the pouring rain), I carefully walk down the wet steps, onto the dock, and slip down my ladder, camera strap around my wrist. In all the years I have been coming here I have never photographed my lake from the water level, until recently, because I just bought a fabulous waterproof camera. As a lover of capturing unique and special moments, and photographing beautiful scenery out and about in my world, especially at my beautiful lake, it was a perfect new toy for me to play with. So far I have been very pleased with it, and there are so many new possibilities capturing photographic delights with a waterproof camera. A swim in the rain seemed like the perfect opportunity to take it out for another test drive.  When I slip into it, the water is warm, and I push away from the dock, camera secured by a band around my wrist. I just want to float and take some pictures. I feel giddy with excitement in anticipation of getting some good photos. This was going to be fun. I couldn’t wait to see what I was going to be able to capture on this rainy wet summer afternoon while swimming. I think I was very lucky, and I got quite a few great pictures. What do you think? I am always delighted with my familiar lake view, the one I never get tired of, that great many-mile view straight up the lake. This time I was appreciating it from a surface point of view, and seeing the droplets of rain bounce off the water’s surface in the foreground. I also got some great close-up shots of just the splashing of the rain on the water directly in front of me as I was floating. The shapes of the splashing droplets of water and resulting bubbles captured, are quite playful in nature, I think. In one photo, you might see the shape of a man emerging, look at my photos here, and see if you can see him. A little ‘Where’s Waldo’ moment for your entertainment. 

Do you see what I see? My rain-man.


Dance, dance, dance, the rain is partying!

My friend came out onto the deck to look in on me. After all, people do look out for one another at the lake when swimming, although I have stayed at my cabin all by myself on several occasions and I still swim alone. He remarked later that he found it so interesting that I can just float motionless, watching the rain and taking pictures. He said it seemed so effortless for me, and in truth, it is. I love to float.

Float and snap, a great photo moment.

I felt so incredibly happy, and thoroughly enjoyed myself as I swam in the rain. It is a delightful experience, one that I would highly recommend. Most people may not chose to swim in the rain, but it is a perfect time to swim. The warm water seems almost cozy, and it usually doesn’t seem so cold when you get out. Of course, it is always a bonus if you have a nice roaring fire in the cabin stove when you go up after your swim. A nice hot cup of tea, or hot cocoa perhaps, and a curl up with a good book afterwards, is a great way to spend the time after a rainfall swim. And when the rain pounds down on the tin cabin roof, there is nothing more cozy than feeling safe, fresh and warm, all curled up inside your cabin. Heaven, truly, it’s heaven.

Appreciate the liquid sunshine, but warm up afterwards inside.

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