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The Eagle Has Landed

‘I look around as I hear the familiar call of an eagle as it approaches. Then I take a quick check as to where my tiny puppy daughter is…’

The eagle, a magnificent bird.

An eagle keeping a watchful eye.

Eagles are a magnificent bird. They are plentiful at the lake and a familiar sight. Having a small dog, I always take a moment to see where my little fur baby is. Though, she is typically an ‘escape artist’, and therefore not allowed to be off-leash and free as a bird here, (sorry), she is often untethered with us on the dock, or on the rock point, or she slips away to go to the shoreline to lie down in the water to cool off. Therefore, we have to keep an ‘eagle-eye’ (again, sorry), on her when we hear that familiar screech of the large approaching bird.

My puppy daughter cooling off in the lake.

I watch the large birds swoop and dive, often taking a dive right into the lake waters to catch a fish, claws out ready to grab the unsuspecting underwater swimmer. It is wonderful visual of nature if you can catch a piece of that action. Usually, however, you are just privy to them swooping by, vocalizing, and, if you are lucky, have the opportunity to get a good look of one if it lands and perches up on a nearby tree. I often have my camera or cell phone nearby, and I always have my binoculars on my deck outside so I can grab them at a moment’s notice.

I have managed to get a few pictures of eagles in the past few years, and managed to one photo, when one evening near dusk, an eagle landed right in front of our cabin on our log breakwater. I grabbed my camera, and got one quick photo in before he noticed me and took off. I am sharing it here with you.

The eagle landed right in front of our cabin on the log breakwater.

I have a rock I painted with an eagle in flight. This rock’s home is on my cabin’s railing outside when I am in residence. I have also used an image of an eagle in my wood burning on one of my walking sticks. I like to honour the wildlife here in my art and craft projects, and so they are often the subjects of my pieces.

My eagle painted rock.

One year an eagle was in trouble, and a lake friend, sent me some pictures of the rescue mission for this bird, wherein a wildlife officer was holding it trying to help it. I am a bit fuzzy on the details now of that eagle story, but what I do remember is the awe I felt in seeing the bird so close-up in the man’s arms. These birds are so much larger than you think when you get a rare opportunity like this to see one up close. Although I only saw this rescue situation from photos my friend shared with me, I can tell you I was very grateful to have seen them, and got a really good perspective of the magnificence of that eagle. I must remember to ask my friend about it one day, and find out the end of that story. Hopefully, that beautiful bird, thanks to my friend and the wildlife rescuer, went on to live a long and healthy life.

An eagle in flight, he is about to dip into the lake and catch a fish.

Nature here, and the wildlife is fabulous. I have always been a lover of my lake world, and really do appreciate those special moments where you are privy to the life around you. Getting the chance to appreciate sightings and moments with these magnificent birds is truly a blessing.

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