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The Value of Local Recreational Property

'Are you one of the lucky ones? Now more than ever the value of owning local recreational property is at an all time high...'

The joy of vacationing local...

The Value of Local Recreational Property

Now more than ever the value of owning local recreational property is at an all time high. With COVID completely disrupting our ability to vacation out of our local areas, with so many provincial and federal regulations in place, the value of owning a local get-away is huge. The beauty of being able to escape the city to a nearby vacation property is such a blessing at this time.

Many Canadians on the West Coast have migrated every year in the Fall, to settle until Spring in warm desert oases, such as California’s Palm Springs desert areas, or in Arizona’s many popular spots like Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Mesa, to mention just a few. I myself, enjoyed many shorter-termed getaways in Arizona over the years. We ‘Snowbirds’ know the value of escaping the wet and cold Winter weather to bask in the warm southern USA vacation hot spots. It does a body good to escape the damp and cold, and raises up the spirit to be able to bask under the sun.

The Eastern Canadian Snowbirds often flock to places like Florida, for their warm-up over the chilly months. With COVID, we have all been grounded to staycation in our own countries, often so much closer to home. Consequently, there is now a surge of vacation-hungry Canadians searching for more local vacation escapes.

Many Snowbird Eastern Canada RV’ers have been searching out spots to park in for the Winter in our more temperate West Coast areas and campgrounds. It is not exactly the warmth of the more desert southern climates of the US, but with travel restrictions, it is, at least, better weather, and more temperate weather, than many places back east. With this influx our West Coast spots are at a premium, and for those who are not RV’ers, but just folk who want to find a Canadian vacation experience, recreational and seasonal properties are becoming rather valuable, and a tad more pricy.

Just this week, I heard on the news that the prices of local recreational properties is now on the rise, and inventory is becoming highly desirable this Spring. I believe COVID restrictions will be here for awhile, and most likely through our Summer months, and so folks are looking at local options to escape to.

If you own recreational property you are blessed indeed. One, you have that beautiful option to get away from the city, and self-isolate on your own 2nd property when you choose, and it’s a safer option that going anywhere else. Secondly, your property is becoming very desirable, both as a pleasurable escape and as a real estate investment. I am betting this will be the case for a long time. Nobody really knows what tomorrow will bring with this COVID virus and all the mutated variants we are now seeing. How incredible is it then to be in a position of being able to plan a vacation and escape at will to your own place? Hold onto that thought, lake dwellers, you are a blessed bunch for sure!

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