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Are There Fairies, Are There Gnomes?

'Are there fairies, are there gnomes,

Do they live in tiny homes?'

I'm sure this must be a home for fairies? What do you think?

Are There Fairies, Are There Gnomes?

Are there fairies, are there gnomes, Do they live in tiny homes? Do they live under rocks, Or live in cave dens like a fox? Would I find them up above me? Do they live up in the trees? Would they be living in a tree stump, Or in bushes growing in a clump? Do they come out during the day? Do they come out to forage and play? Or do they come out when the sun goes down? And be out in the night without a sound?  These are all such mysteries to me, And my imagination is running wild, you see, But I know there is magic all around me here, On this lake-forest property I hold so dear. I can imagine such magical creatures, With a variety of magical features, I would really, really like to know, If one day they would allow me a show. I wonder if they know they are safe with me, That I would never make them flee, That I would love to see their world, Maybe we might dance together and twirl. Maybe we could just sit and chat, On the forest’s moss that’s soft like a mat, Maybe we could hang out and play, And spend a little time together every day. I’d like to see if there are fairies and gnomes, I expect they are near me in their homes, I expect we share the same forest space, I expect we all know it’s a Heavenly place.  So please let me see you if you exist, And don’t try any of your magical tricks, Just come out and show me who you are, You fairies and gnomes from near and afar. Please come out and be my friends, Please come out so we have time to spend, Special together time in our forest so great, Please, please, don’t make me any longer wait. By Lady of the Lake BC

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