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Spring Has Sprung

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

'I awake to birds chirping, in the dawn of the day, the daylight is breaking, and I feel growth thoughts from my home in the city every Spring.

New growth and new life...

Spring Has Sprung

I awake to birds chirping,

In the dawn of the day,

The daylight is breaking,

And I feel growth underway.

The seasons are changing,

And Old Man Winter is tired,

He will hand over the reins,

To the young Spring he has sired.

She will cheerfully come forth,

With a freshness of youth,

With exuberance and much optimism,

Unlike Winter, long-in-the-tooth.

She flitters and flutters,

And brightens up the greens,

Her abundance of sun and showers,

Makes things grow beautifully, it seems.

The death and decay,

Of Winters spell on the forest,

Is lifted with new growth now,

Spring arranging things like a florist.

New bright, green leaves,

Burst forth on bushes and trees,

And the mosses are becoming luscious,

And bright in their greens.

The cold is disappearing,

Though mornings are still a tad chilly,

And there is steam rising from the lake,

Floating up where it’s hilly.

The sun is getting warmer,

And so many things are coming alive,

Even the bees now are buzzing,

As their Queens lay eggs in the hive.

Birds are brightly chirping,

And they are building their nests,

As they have been out finding mates,

Their survival Spring quest.

In the early part of the year,

Food is growing and more abundant,

Birds lay their eggs at this time,

So chicks have time to become independent.

I am such a fan,

Of the youth of sweet Spring,

Imagining her flitter and flutter,

Decorating with a wand and light wings.

It is rather funny though,

That I rarely see my lake,

In the Springtime in the forest,

When things are all becoming awake.

I am only a lake visitor,

That arrives when the chill has gone,

Because my little off-grid cabin,

Is not very warm.

I do like to wake up,

And go for a swim every day,

And in Spring it’s still too cold,

To put my morning routine into play.

And so I only dream,

Of my beautiful forest and lake,

And I imagine how pretty she is,

As Spring allows her to awake.

And I long for Lady Summer,

To arrive later on,

So I can go and see my lake,

In the warm season where I most belong.

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