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The Crackle Of The Fire

'As I lay here,

Snuggled cozy in bed,

I can certainly feel,

The cold chill on my head.'

My little lake cabin's wood stove.

The Crackle Of The Fire

As I lay here,

Snuggled cozy in bed,

I can certainly feel,

The cold chill on my head.

It’s a brand new day here,

And I can hear the rain,

It’s hitting the cabin roof,

Each drop not quite the same.

I hear the cozy noise of it,

I hear each individual drop,

I hear an extra melody,

When a tree releases a ‘plop’.

I feel the smile on my face,

And I’m snuggling in with a grin,

Though I know I have to get up now,

For my day needs to begin.

The first thing that’s in order,

On this chilly cabin day,

Is to light a blazing fire,

So the chill will go away.

So I now pop out of bed,

Wrap myself in a warm gown,

I pop on my fuzzy slippers,

As the chill makes me frown.

But it won’t be long now,

Before I have a blazing fire,

And then everything will warm inside,

And things damp will get dryer.

In the stove I place a couple twists of paper,

I lay kindling next on top,

Then I place in a piece of dry wood,

Thank goodness the wood is pre-chopped.

I open the wood stove vent,

To allow air to flow through,

Then light the paper under the wood,

And re-adjust the flue.

I watch as the tiny paper flames,

Entice the kindling to burn,

Sometimes I have to poke and prod,

And give the wood a turn.

When the fire has caught,

And is building in the stove,

I can adjust the front vent now,

Because I want the best air flow.

I love the sound of the crackle,

As my stove’s fire is well under way,

I know that the chill in the cabin air,

Is about to go away.

Things will get all toasty inside,

The cabin will warm very soon,

Even though the wind and rain outside,

Sounds more like a tiny typhoon. 

I will brew my morning coffee,

And snuggle back into bed,

So that I can cozily wait for the cabin to warm,

In my lake hideaway homestead.

I love the sound of the crackling,

And the smell of firewood burning,

These are parts of cabin life,

That in the city I find myself yearning. 

And so this morning as I appreciate,

The sound of my crackling fire,

I can see that soon I will be quite toasty,

And may even start to perspire.

I will reload my wood stove,

Until the cabin is completely warm,

Then I may let it burn to embers,

Unless there’s a continuing storm.

I just need to get warm and cozy,

To start my cabin-life day,

And I love that little fire in my wood stove,

As it takes the morning chill away.

by Lady of the Lake BC

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