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Updated: Apr 11, 2021

'It's the dead of winter now...'

It’s Winter

It’s the dead of Winter now,

And so, I hibernate,

I never journey from my home,

To go to my beautiful lake.

I wonder what it would be like,

To see snowflakes fall from the sky,

When all I have ever seen,

Is Summer sun and clouds float by.

I wonder what it would look like,

To see snow decorating my trees,

In my fairyland forest that surrounds my cabin,

The one that on warm days beckons me.

I would love to see the fresh, white snow,

Sparkling from every branch limb,

But I doubt I will ever see that,

My chances of being there in Winter slim.

I always see and enjoy the lush greens,

That are everywhere there in Summer,

I can’t imagine what it would look like now,

In the darkness and cold of Winter.

Do slushy waves come up,

In the peak of a snowy Winter’s day,

Or is the lake all frozen and stiff,

At least in the area of my little bay?

Do the winds whirl and whistle,

On a really cold, blustery day,

And make the trees bend and whip,

Snapping branches along the way?

Do the birds still playfully chirp,

As the sun breaks over hill’s summit,

Or do they perch silent in the mornings so cold,

Or have they flown away to a warmer climate?

Does anyone really venture out,

And putter down the lake,

Unless they are the boat-access dwellers,

Geared up for survival’s sake?

I thank those who are neighbourly custodians,

The helpers to my lake and land,

Those who have lended a watchful eye,

To make sure my cabin stands.

I thank my special tree in the bay,

The guard watching my land and lake,

As it stands tall with a protective eye,

Always a strong evergreen and awake.

But as I sit here home in the city,

I wonder what my lake world today is like,

I am at least here grateful for the warmth,

In my cozy city-hibernating life.

And so, in this moment I truly ponder,

What it would be like at the lake,

For I have do not have that opportunity to see it,

From the city where I now awake.

By Lady of the Lake BC

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