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I Feel The Wind In The Sails

'On a windy day I can hear my boat’s riggings calling,

They snap and clink and slap the mast,

Begging for my attention...'

Sailing across lake waters on a sunny, Summer's afternoon.

I Feel The Wind in the Sails On a windy day I can hear my boat’s riggings calling, They snap and clink and slap the mast, Begging for my attention. Occasionally, I will hear a flap of the loose mainsail, A calling from my craft to come and play. My sailboat dances next to the dock when the wind is up, It knows I don’t need much encouragement to go out, I might just need a gentle reminder if I have a busy day. And so my boat makes its noises to catch my attention. It doesn’t take much, for me to accept the call. A swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, lifejacket and a water, And I’m set to go for a little sail. It’s a tricky departure from my dock, A short bay, protected from the full wind, and there are tall rock cliffs nearby, There is a standard method to get out,  There really is no deviation, or room for much error, But we have been doing this for years here, It is second nature to myself and family now.  The wind must catch the sails, I must miss the cliffs, And tack, that is, come about, or change direction,   Sometimes it’s more than once just to get free of the bay and cliffs. But soon I feel that heavy pull of the wind catching my sails, And the ceasing of an occasional flap as the sail’s fabric curves to catch that wind, I know then I am home-free, and off into the choppy, fresh waters. I pull in my sail tighter and the boat will cut faster, I adjust until I am at my optimum comfort level of tilt, And I meet my desired point of sail, my level of heeling. I must be aware of my windward and leeward sides, To achieve my desired course, and be the master of my vessel. I have to tack now and then, starboard or port, that is, right or left, As I journey and glide across the waters of the lake. I adore the sound of slapping waves against the hull of my boat, As I cut through the waters, constantly moving forward, partnering with summer breezes, And I love the sound of the wind passing by my ears,  Louder when it gusts, but blowing gentler from time to time, and often later in the day, I love the feel of controlling the boat in companionship with Nature’s winds. I know my limits, I know my comfort zone, As exciting as the heeling or tilting is with the wind,  I am not one to tempt my fate and flip my craft, I prefer to sail on a gentler trajectory, with an even and calm control. The outer world disappears as you sail out on the fresh waters of my lake, The city traffic, the concrete noises, the people and the crowds, The phone, the computer, the TV and devices, all excluded from this ride. It’s just me and my boat, it’s just my boat and the lake and the wind, It’s just the sunshine, the lay of the land, and the surrounding beauty of the forest. We coordinate, we coexist, we commune with each other. Sailing creates a state of being and a peacefulness that is hard to explain, It is but a hands-on experience that can make it clear for you, And I do wish that you have the chance to try it, to feel it, and to experience it. Sailing fills up my soul, and replenishes my cup on a beautiful, windy summer’s my lake... By Lady of the Lake BC

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