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I Long For My Lake

'When I'm not at my beloved cabin and lake property I still long for the feeling of being there, it's a magical place...'

I Long For My Lake

I long for my lake, When I am not there, I long for the freshness, Of Nature’s clean air. I long for the sounds, Of water and lapping waves, It is of a cool dip in the lake, My body and soul crave. I long for that touch, Of the lake water on my skin, I know the waters run through my blood, And I know that we are kin. I long for the smell of earth, On a warm Summer’s day, As the sun toasts Nature’s greens, In the forest where I stay. I long for the chirping, Of the birds that live there, I long for their beautiful voices, As they sing without a care. I long for the feel, Of the the sun on my face, As I am outdoors on the land, At my beautiful lake place. I am part of the Nature, And part of that space, When I coexist with my forest, I become part of its grace. The smell of the trees, Also runs in my blood, I even love the smell of the dirt, When it turns into mud. I love the feel of the moss, Soft and squishy beneath my toes, And the feel of sun-warmed rocks, Around which grasses sprout and grows. I love the stars in the sky, Because it’s really a pity, I can’t see each sparkling light, When I’m home in the city. I love the sounds of the animals, As they go about their day, With their cheerful little voices, As they romp and play. Even in the night hours, When other creatures are about, The sounds from the dark are familiar now, And I no longer freak out. It’s all part of life there, All part of my land, It’s a community of life, That is magically grand. Yes, I’m part of my lake, I’m part of that place, As I sit here longing to be there, I still have a smile on my face. For I will return, From wherever I roam, I will return to that place, To the land I call home. And even if I can’t, Return to that place, I carry its essence in my heart, Never to be misplaced. By Lady of the Lake BC

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