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I'm Sitting in This Magical Place...

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

I’m sitting in this magical place, My joy is evident by the smile on my face, The air is fresh and smells earthy and sweet, The moss is damp and squishy beneath my feet. A squirrel chatters on a nearby tree, Then stops for a moment to look at me, He has a soft russet body and a grey bushy tail, He pops down from the tree and then scampers up the trail. A robin chirps nearby and I hear a woodpecker too, He’s pecking at a tree as woodpeckers do, As he loudly pecks, I assume he hunts for a meal, He works at this job with incredible zeal. I notice the warm summer winds are brushing my face, And the trees are swaying with a welcoming grace, The breezes are playing with the branches like toys, As I sit in the forest and feel incredible joy. My ears suddenly feel a zingy vibration and buzz, From a bee who has swooped near me from up above, He’s out gathering sweet pollen as it’s warm and sunny, I expect he will go back to his hive and get busy on honey. Suddenly a bright sparkle catches my eye, Why it’s a delicate spiderweb waving nearby, The stands of the web are shining like silver, As the bits of sunshine reach it to make it glitter. Any minute now I expect to see, Tiny magical fairies dancing out here with me, Or maybe a lake forest gnome coming down the trail, For this place in my forest resembles a fairy tale. I can sit here for hours out in my back bay, Remembering the hours as a child I spent here to play, I remember the wonder I felt when I ran through the trees, Over the logs and rocks, with occasional skinned knees. I remember the imaginary play my brother and I had, Always so happy, as here we were never, ever sad. And so I smile at those memories as I sit here feeling blessed, Because every minute I’ve ever spent here is truly the best. And now I sit here in this magical place, With gratitude and pure joy upon my face, I’m in my incredible forest next to my beautiful lake, Knowing I have many memories as sweet keepsakes.

by Lady of the Lake BC

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