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My Delightful Morning Dip

'I awake to the forest sounds at my cabin,

I hear the birds including my cheerful robin,

I stretch and sit up in the coziness of my bed...'

There is nothing more refreshing than my morning dip in the lake.

My Delightful Morning Dip

I awake to the forest sounds at my cabin, I hear the birds including my cheerful robin, I stretch and sit up in the coziness of my bed, And think about my morning routines ahead. On goes the kettle, to boil water for my hot brew, I have no power here, so that’s what I do, Then I take my mini walk to the hut out back, The water should be boiling by the time I get back. The sun is up and wants to come over the hill, Everything warms up when it hits the window sill, Then the docks light up and the water shines clear, And then my morning dip time will start calling me there. I usually sip on my hot coffee and I lounge back in bed, Where I write to catch all the words whirling in my head, We writers, you see, usually wake up hardwired, And I wake up here feeling so beautifully inspired. I want to take those moments before I head to the dock, And I never pay attention to the time on my clock, It is of the position of the sun when it comes over the hill, That tells me it’s time to swim and give my body a thrill. I finally leave the cozy warmth of my bed, And I twist my hair up with a large clip on my head, I wrap a toweled gown around my unsuited skin, For my dip in the lake is a skinny-dip swim. I head to the dock where the sunshine is beckoning, And the cool waters of the lake are clearing inviting, I take a moment to sit in my deck chair, To breathe in the delightfully fresh forest air. I listen for any sign of other human life, For boats or for people out on the lake, I want to slip into the cool waters unnoticed, I’m blessed that my land is one of the remotest. I no longer leap up into the air and dive, Slipping down the ladder sometimes takes five, I’d rather get used to slight chill of the lake, That pop right on in and jar myself awake.  It takes only a moment or two to get used to the slight chill, And the beauty of my surroundings always gives me a thrill, I stroke out past my dock and out into the deep, Feeling alive and refreshed now after my nightly sleep. I love every minute of my fresh dip in the lake, As I swim along leaving only a tiny little wake, I often putter for awhile and enjoy the sensations, For skinny dipping in the nude is quite a liberation. When it is time to get out I do one last little gaze, Before I climb out for a lounge on my dock chaise, There I like to sit and dry off in the warmth of the sun, As I bask in the glory that my lake day has begun. My delightful morning dips that I take in my lake, Are a welcoming routine and start to the day I take, I feel so alive and refreshed to begin my day, And I would not want to start it any other way. By Lady of the Lake BC

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