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My Furry Little Friend Up in the Tree

'One big brown eye is peering at me,

As my furry little friend sits up in the tree...'

My Furry Little Friend in the Tree One big brown eye is peering at me, As my furry little friend sits up in the tree, He is busy sitting there crouched on a limb, And I pause for a moment to look at him. He is clearly very busy as he nibbles on food, He looks very focused in a hungry mood, His claws are clasping whatever it is, That his teeth are chewing as he eats where he sits. He checks on me now and then with that one eye I see, For the other one faces the direction away from me, He not really concerned about me standing here, Because he’s used to me being here year after year. My little Douglas squirrel I consider a friend, Because we see each other by my cabin now and then, In the summers I am here at my lake forest place, And so this little squirrel and I share the same forest space. I watch him eat, and scamper up and down trees, He watches me walk around and keeps an eye on me, He chatters and makes the noises I love to hear, A familiar animal sound I enjoy here each year.  My little scampering friend is coloured russet and grey, So I notice him amongst the trees where he plays, And how could I miss that big bushy tail, That waves up and down as he scampers the trail? His movements are quick when he climbs a tree, And he regularly climbs the ones close to me, Why the other day I was making a meal, And he scampered by the window with incredible zeal. I try to grab my camera when I see him go by, To capture a photo or two is the reason why, So I can show you my little friend that sits up in the tree, The furry little friend that I often see. By Lady of the Lake BC

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