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My Glorious View of the Lady Moon

As I sit on a quiet summer night,

On a lake's edge in the coolness of a summer's evening...

As I sit on a quiet summer night,

On a lake's edge in the coolness of a summer's evening,

I can glance up to a view of the moon unique to me,

Because there is no one else nearby.

It is a glorious, breathtaking view of the Lady Moon,

She shines directly in front of me.

Dressed in her best, pale creamy, perfectly tailored suit,

She floats like a goddess in midair,

Proud, confident, sure of herself as she stands alone in the sky,

Except for the company of the light sparkling of stars, her entourage.

She is beaming above the dark feathery outline of a forested hill,

Like a sultry singer performing alone on a stage.

She mostly outshines the stars now, in her almost full dress,

Outshining, so bright you can see little in the sky but her.  Beneath her a beam of light creates a trail,

That spreads before her like the red carpet of the Oscars,

A tribute to her stardom and beauty.

The trail of light lays across the pitch black, almost calm waters of the lake,

Perfectly shaped, perfectly laid,

Perfectly beautiful for me to enjoy.  In the cool night air, in the peaceful quiet of a remote forest,

In the place I hold sacred from my childhood,

This Lady shines before me in all her glory,

And I am in awe as I always am,

At the total exquisite beauty of her display for my personal enjoyment.  I am alone, I am sitting here completely alone in this place,

Yet I am not truly alone in the presence of this miraculous view.

I share this moment with all the wild creatures who are here with me,

That I do not see, but I know they are here,

And I feel connected, and blessed.  No person can see what I am seeing right here,

My hidden paradise spot unique and special to me,

And yet I would be remiss if I did not say,

Others can look up and appreciate this night’s glorious moon,

From thousands of other places on this earth.

I am hoping and praying they are gazing up right now,

So they, too, can enjoy the incredible, breathtaking performance,

Of this beautiful moon, this shining Lady Moon,

Glorious and bright above me,

Lighting up my forest world, shining into my open soul,

Entertaining me in this beautiful, seemingly private show,

On this beautiful and perfect summer’s night.

by Lady of the Lake BC

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