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My Little Lake Dog

'I love my fur baby,

I take her everywhere with me,

And so she comes to the lake,

Amongst the forest and the trees...'

My beautiful, little lake pup.

My Little Lake Dog I love my fur baby, I take her everywhere with me, And so she comes to the lake, Amongst the forest and the trees.  She escapes and frolics, Whenever she can, We have to keep such an eye on her, At least, that’s the plan. With a little, tiny dog, There’s things you must do, Because she is clearly eagle bait, A snack for wild animals, too. She is completely unaware, Of those types of things, She just wants to frolic and play, And chew the sticks she brings. My dog has really long hair, That gets tangled and messed up, She’s really the type of dog, You’d expect to be a city pup. But put a lifejacket on her, And bring her to the lake, And she runs wild and free, Gets wet, and has a good shake. She will slow to lie down, And bake her long silky hair, On the bright sunny deck, Without even a care. She loves to sit and look out, From up on that deck, Listening and watching, Often stretching her neck. She watches for ducks, That swim around the place, She hears them quack, And would love to give chase. But she is very good, And does not even bark, I guess even she knows, Ducks aren’t an easy mark. They can swim quickly away, And get out of her way, Although I’m quite certain, She like them to play. My little furry baby, Loves to get out in the boat, We put on her lifejacket, When we take her out to float. She goes in the speed boat, She likes to go in the kayak, too, Although chewing the bow rope, Is her favourite thing to do. We take her out sailing, She sits on the sling, She likes the wind in her face and ears, Who knew sailing would be her thing? She also asks to sit on my lap, When I go out for a float, In my inflatable reclining chair, That’s cooler than a boat. And she sits at the top of the ladder, That is over on the dock, When she wants a dip in the water, Because she is way too hot.  We lower her down to get wet, And then pull her back up, She can’t get back up herself, Being such a tiny little pup.

 There’s that smell of wet fur, When she gets all wet, Which is not entirely unpleasant, If you own a pet. My redheaded pocket pooch, With pretty bows and long hair, Is certainly a lake pooch, For she really loves it here.  By Lady of the Lake BC

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