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Ode to My Loon

'I love the bird you find floating in the lake...'

Part of one of my loon paintings, as I honour my lake birds.

I love the bird you find floating in the lake,

The one you hear eerily calling to its mate,

Its wail is unique and very familiar, you see,

The calls of my loon always beckon me.

Its body is sleek and its black beak is slim,

It glides across lake waters as it smoothly swims,

One minute you see and then it disappears,

But wait a few moments it will reappear.

It dives into the deep to catch something to eat,

It will spear its food with its sharp black beak,

It will then come to the surface with food dangling there,

It will maneuver to swallow it, nothing left to spare.

It’s these calls of my loons, the sounds that I love,

In my forest and lake hide-a-way I often speak of,

In this place that surely holds my heart so dear,

That I return to visit and appreciate year after year.

By Lady of the Lake BC

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