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The Dragonfly Flutters on Gossamer Wings

'She flutters through the air on shiny gossamer wings...'

The Dragonfly Flutters On Gossamer Wings On gossamer wings, She floats and flies, Gentle curving flights, Between land and skies. I might catch a glimpse of her resting, On Nature’s long grasses, Or I might see her quickly, On one of her flight passes. I might notice her shiny wings, With spanned gentle flutters, And take moments to appreciate her, As she pops up and down and putters. I might be lucky enough to share a moment, If she lands nearby to me, Pausing for a moment to rest and slow down, Before she pops up again to flee. I might get that amazing opportunity, To see the Dragonfly in all her glory, On a sunny day at my beautiful lake, Where life is a magical story. By Lady of the Lake BC

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