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The Midnight Wail of the Loon...

The creamy, pale moon lights the sky and shines through wisps of steel-grey clouds,

The creamy, pale moon lights the sky and shines through wisps of steel-grey clouds, A wavy trail of moonlight reflects off the pitch-black lake waters beneath it, The stars twinkle, but seem less bright this night, with the glow of the 3/4 moon, And then, an aerie midnight wail of a loon breaks the routine sounds of the soft, constant chirping of the crickets, This long, loud cry of a lone loon fills the crisp night air as it travels across the waters of this lake. I cannot help but listen, to enjoy the eerie cry of my favourite water bird, A single cry this night, as no mate answers it in the dark. During daylight hours I often see the two loons who neighbour us in the waters near my cabin, But tonight, only one bird is crying out in the blackness of the night.  Maybe the other bird has left, and this one mourns its absence, Maybe this bird is calling out in search of its mate, Or, maybe it is just letting its mate know where it is in the night as they are apart, This loon is floating out there somewhere in the pitch-black waters on this lake at midnight.  I listen as I lay all warm and cozy in my bed, with no curtains drawn, drifting into slumber and rest for the night, I doze and awaken more than once to the sound of the long, slow cry of this one lone loon, The hauntingly familiar wail of the water bird is just one of the many familiar sounds here, That fill the air and announce the presence of life in my lake forest.  I am blessed to be a present for it, and experience it,  For the midnight wail of the loon is a call, That captures my spirit and lets me know that I am truly a part of everything in nature that surrounds me here,

And I am grateful.  By Lady of the Lake BC

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