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The Scent Of The Air, The Feel Of The Breeze

'The scent of the air,

Fills my nostrils with ease...'

My forest offers a buffet of scents, served to me by the warm, summer breezes.

The Scent of the Air, The Feel of the Breeze The scent of the air, Fills my nostrils with ease, And the feel of the breeze, Is gently caressing me. My senses feel alive, As I sit in this forested space, My body enveloped by Nature, In this warm, loving place. The magic scents are like honey, Like tasting a treat, I am surrounded by a scented buffet, Where land, forest and lake meet. Earthy, but fresh are the scents, Warm soil, branches and reeds, All entering my nostrils and filling me up, As a way to meet my sensory needs. The delicious scents from Nature’s offerings, Are floating along with the breeze, Filling the air all around me here, As I sit amongst the trees. Breezes catch the wet scents, Of vegetation along the shore, I watch how they wave and sparkle, I feel mesmerized and never bored. As the sun filters through waving branches, And hits the soil beneath my feet, The earthy scents of the warmed, ground surface, Somehow still smell like treats. And I cannot even begin to explain, The mysterious sweet scent that hits my nose, It has been all around me every year I visit, I do not know from which plant it flows. It was there in the forest when I was a child, At a place thousands of miles from here, And it is here as well in my magnificent forest, So I can enjoy it’s scent here each year. But I would certainly be remiss, If I didn’t mention that scent of my trees, From the lush green needles that wave in the wind, Their delightful scent so familiar to me. I love to sit out here in my forest, On a bright, warm summer’s day, My nostrils being filled with Nature’s bounty, Presented to me on the breezes at play. And as the winds gently brush my face, And blow my hair back from my head, Caressing my body with feathery strokes, I wonder, Am I still at the lake or in Heaven instead? By Lady of the Lake BC

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